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2021.04.13 asianbeat FUKUOKA JAPAN


Kokura-ori is a kind of cotton woven fabric that is handed down in the Kokura area of Kitakyushu City, located in the northern part of Fukuoka Prefecture. It is a thick and durable fabric, and is said to have been used for hakama and obi worn by samurai in the past. Both of the 2020 Vietnam asianbeat・FACo Kawaii Ambassadors have tried on geta and earrings that comes with the attractive Kokura-ori stripes!


asianbeat|Elegant Kokura-ori with striped pattern! - Earrings and Geta -



2020.03.05 Mizutori customer from Montreal

Introducing mizutori’s great customer and fan.
Nathalie Bondil,
Director, Montreal Museum of Art, Canada
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts / Director, Chief curator / Nathalie Bondil
Nathalie Bondil is a French and Canadian art historian and curator.
She has served as director general and chief curator of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts since 2007.
Bondil joined the museum in 1999 and is the first woman to be the museum's director.
She likes the comfort and elegance  of mizutori geta very much, and uses it every day.
Also she is wearing her geta in her office during summer, and her husband... kindly repairs scratches and paint !
Thank you for your patronage.
Photo clogs: KCB-11A
We will update our customers' introductions irregularly.