Living GETA

Living with and enjoying your Mizutori GETA.

GETA to go

For travel, and your own, unique lifestyle.


Mizutori GETA, perfect for

Lunch with your surfing friends.

Matching the cool clothes in your favorite fashion store.

Searching the city and the countryside for inspiring objects d'art.

Visits to your local, stylish coffee shop.

Walk beautifully

Be more beautiful, with your GETA.

Dress up

When, with whom, where, what ...

Looking forward to going out.

Choose your GETA to fit your fashion!

Taking a little care in your daily life can lead you to internal beauty. Which geta shall I wear today?


Squeeze the maetsubo of the strap between your great toe and the second toe.

Walk as if on a straight line and take each step straight ahead, land the step on the heel. You will feel good and in control. When your foot hits the ground, your spine will stretch, making you feel taller.

Walk smartly, and you will look elegant and graceful.


When you straighten your back as you walk, the muscles of your whole body move gracefully, which transforms the look of your entire body.

When the mind and body are in harmony, you epitomize dignity and grace.

In your daily life, wearing geta and living gracefully, you can feel reborn.

Editing cooperation:

Yoko Ozaki, Lecturer. All-Japan Kimono Consultants Assn.

GETA connection

Share a wonderful time with your close friends.

With much loved mother.

With that special someone.

With playmates.

Girls together.

Everyday GETA

Your brilliant daily life.

A wonderful person.

A person in love.

A happy person.

A kind person.